Every car has its own distinctive vehicle identification number, also known as car serial number.

It is necessary to have it at hand when taking out car insurance.

Generally, it consists of 17 characters, of numbers and letters.

A typical VIN as an example would be: WVWZZZ1KZ5W192681.

The VIN has 3 different parts:

WMI: Characters 1-3 in the first section represent the world manufacturer code.

VDS: Characters 4-9 stand for the car model description.

VIS: The last characters 10-17 include more information, e.g. the manufacturing year of the vehicle.

The fastest way to find the VIN is to simply look at your car documents. You may see them in your vehicle registration document (Fahrzeugschein - Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I) under field E, as well as in your vehicle ownership document (Fahrzeugbrief -Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II) under point 4.

Should you not have your car documents on you, you can also find it in various places of your car, such as on the dashboard, the doorframe, etc.

Just look through the instruction manual for this.

Please find a detailed summary on the VIN here, including where it is to be found and other useful information on it.

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