Some insurers accept a foreign no-claims classification from your previous insurer. However, there is no guarantee or legal obligation to do so. You will need to contact the insurer directly to see if you qualify and what exact information the insurance company requires.

Usually, you need to provide a driving history report from your previous insurer. The document usually needs contain the following information:

  • Name and address of previous insurer
  • Name, address, birth date and driver's license date of insured person
  • Data of the insured car
  • Start, duration and ending of the insured period
  • Report of claims and/or claims free years
  • Signature of insurance company - signed by the insurer itself, not by an agent/broker

Additional requirements might be:

  • Must be provided in English and German
  • A certified German translation might be preferred
  • The end of insurance with the foreign pre-insurance does not date back more than 6 months
  • The country from which the SF class will be taken over must have a similar/identical traffic and driving licence system as Germany
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