All cars sold in Germany have a HSN TSN number, indicating their technical information such as horsepower etc. If your car model is also sold in Germany, there is a good chance that you’ll get a HSN TSN number. Otherwise, you’ll have to go with the closest / most similar model. As this is not a straight-forward process, you’ll need to call the insurance company directly and work together with the agent to determine which similar model works best.

We suggest to have the CoC (Certificate of Conformity) papers or the technical inspection papers ready when calling the insurance company. The CoC papers are EU-normed papers that include all of the car’s technical information necessary for a car registration. For cars built in the EU the car manufacturer can usually provide the CoC papers. For non-EU built cars you will need to do a separate inspection at the TÜV according to § 21 SVZO, the inspection report will include all necessary technical information.

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