Joonko can only help with private/personal vehicle insurance at the moment. We do not offer commercial vehicle insurance. Please talk to your company to get the car commercially insured.

There are a couple of things to take into consideration when you have a company car:

  • If you are allowed to use the company vehicle for private purposes, you will need to pay additional taxes as the German government considers this an alternative form of ‘income’ (instead of your wage you get paid in ‘car use’). The easiest way to assess your tax is the so-called ‘1% rule’ - 1% of the new car value will be taxed every month. If your car costs 20.000 € new, 200 € (1%) per month will be applied for tax purposes. Please note that the 1% rule is based on the initial new car purchase price, even if your company bought the vehicle used at a lower price.
  • Check who is allowed to drive the car by looking into the policy - if it is just you or family members are included as well.
  • If you leave commercial goods with a high value in your vehicle, it might be worthwhile to get separate car content insurance as regular car policies only cover a limited amount if items are stolen out of your car.
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