There are a number of potential reasons as to why you didn't receive any offers:

  • No regular income appears on your bank account
  • A loan repayment would be very difficult to cover based on your current earnings and expenses
  • You have a limited employment contract and the loan term is longer than the actual limited employment term
  • You are still on your probationary period
  • You do not have a permanent job
  • You do not have a sufficient credit score (e.g. from Schufa)
  • You have exceeded your overdraft limit
  • You have several return debits on your account

What can you do?

  1. Make sure you carry out your DAC (Digital Account Check) on your salary account (the account you have received your income to for the last 3 months).
  2. In case of high monthly expenses: Adjust the loan to a lower amount, or choose a longer duration with lower monthly repayment rates.
  3. Check your Schufa entry whether all data is correct or whether any incorrect / outdated details affect your creditworthiness in a negative way. Here you can find detailed guidelines from Finanztip (available only in German). As soon as your Schufa entry is corrected, you may carry out a new loan comparison.

Joonko┬┤s fully digital loan comparison is not necessarily suitable for all prospective customers. The DAC (Digital Account Check) makes it possible for us to provide you immediately with loan offers with guaranteed interest rates. However, in some cases the DAC (Digital Account Check) does not offer a sufficient assessment of the individual financial situation, and therefore we are not able to list any offers. In such cases we suggest the following:

  1. Simply use a loan comparison that offers a conventional process, where you can submit your documents (e.g. payslips) manually. Some providers specialise in offers for people with irregular income (e.g. freelancers, etc.).
  2. Talk to your house bank. They have known your financial situation for years and therefore have a better overall picture even with temporarily difficult financial issues, which is not mainly based on your Schufa score and your income from the last months.

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