Did you receive a confirmation of an insurance policy but have not taken out any through Joonko yourself?

First of all, please check if someone in your circle (family, friends, etc.) has done so in your name.

If you can rule this out, then a third party may have misused your data and your identity. We recommend that you contact your local police station immediately and report this incident by filing a police report. Ask for a confirmation of the police report (“Bescheinigung über die Erstattung einer Strafanzeige”) for yourself. The police will then initiate further investigation.

You should also inform the affected insurer about the incident and provide the confirmation of the police report. Joonko will gladly help you with the contact details.

For data protection reasons, we are unfortunately not able to provide you with any information about the use of your data or cancel the insurance contract on your behalf, as we are not able to completely verify your identity. We understand that this is an unpleasant and frustrating situation for you, still we kindly ask for your understanding in this legal matter. This is to protect all people using Joonko, even if this protection is 'abused' in your case. If necessary, we will naturally provide GDPR-conforming information to the police. This is why it is important that you file a report.

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