Was your insurance application rejected?

Vehicle insurers have a legal duty (an obligation to contract) to grant everyone liability insurance. This is specified in the Obligatory Insurance Law (PflVG) §5, under paragraph 2.

Potential reasons for rejection.

Rejections can be based on objective (e.g. in case of oldtimers/classic cars) or location reasons. In addition, the following reasons may apply:

  • A large number of claims
  • Late premium payments
  • Malicious deceit or threat

What can you do?

First, contact the insurer and find out why your insurance was rejected.

As soon as you are better informed, you can do the following:

  1. Choose only third-party liability insurance - see obligation to contract - PflVG §5, paragraph 2
  2. Try and take out a car insurance through a family member
  3. Speak to an insurance broker on-site and offer payment in advance

Please see more details on this topic in our online manual, under: Rejection by the insurer.

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