You need an eVB number (stands for: electronic insurance confirmation number) to register your vehicle with the vehicle registration office in Germany. It consists of seven characters, each represented by numbers or uppercase letters. This number is proof that your vehicle is insured with liability insurance, which is a legal requirement for registration and driving your car in public.

After you have successfully applied for vehicle insurance, your insurer will automatically provide you with an eVB number. Some insurers send it out via email, others via regular mail. If you need your eVB number quickly, you can call the insurer directly and get it over the phone. Here is the contact information for all car insurers.

You can only use your eVB number once and only for the car that you submitted your insurance application for.

Your eVB number does not allow you to drive your car to the car registration office - you need to register your car prior to driving it in public space.

Your eVB number has an expiration date. The exact date varies from insurer to insurer - most insurers have a three to six month expiration date. If your eVB number has expired, contact your insurer directly.

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