Third-party insurance (Haftpflicht-Versicherung) is a basic legal requirement. This means that no vehicle in Germany can be registered without it. 

Partial or fully comprehensive insurance (Teil-/Vollkasko Versicherung) are additional layers of coverage you can choose to have. These types of insurance can cover you for damage caused by explosions, fire, theft and thunderstorms, or damage to your own vehicle when you are at fault.

The owner of a vehicle is liable for all damage caused by his vehicle to others. He is legally obliged to cover this liability with insurance.

The compulsory vehicle liability insurance protects the vehicle owner against claims for damages by third parties arising from a traffic accident caused by him. This may include compensation in the event of death, hospitalisation or disability.

It should be noted here that many of the benefits could already be covered by other insurances such as general/personal liability insurance, health or accident insurance

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