Unlike liability insurance, fully comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is not a compulsory insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance is particularly recommended for owners of the following vehicle types:

  • New cars
  • Relatively new used cars
  • Leased vehicles (could be mandatory)

If you want extensive insurance cover for your vehicle, you should apply for fully comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

Fully comprehensive insurance pays for damage to your own car that you have caused yourself or that was caused by deliberate damage (e.g. vandalism). 

This includes:

  • Accident
  • Damage after hit and run and vandalism
  • Gross negligence
  • Depreciation

This car insurance covers the vehicle as well as its listed parts. However, not all parts installed in the car are covered. 

The following rule of thumb: The vehicle's accessories are covered by this kind of insurance, if they are:

  • permanently installed or kept under lock 
  • intended solely for the use of the vehicle
  • is not a luxury according to traffic philosophy
  • is permissible under the traffic laws

Fully comprehensive insurance has the most extensive cover, because this insurance also includes all benefits of the partial cover.

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