While liability insurance is required by law, partial coverage can be taken out on a voluntary basis.

The partial coverage pays for damage to your own car that is not caused by other road users, but also by external influences such as, for example:

  • Collisions with wild animals
  • Glass breakage
  • Vehicle theft/burglary attempt
  • Theft/damage of accessories
  • Hail/storm
  • Flood
  • Fire

The costs of partial coverage insurance depend on many factors.

Some of them you cannot directly influence  - such as your regional class or the type class of the vehicle. Higher regional and type classes lead to a higher risk of damage and therefore to higher partial coverage premiums.

You can specify other details when you apply for this type of insurance, for example if you agree on an excess or a workshop commitment.

If the regional class is particularly high, you can try to reduce the annual premium by paying a higher excess. The higher the excess, the lower the annual premium for the partial cover. 

In contrast to fully comprehensive or motor third party liability, the no-claims class does not play a role in the calculation of the partially comprehensive premium.

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