The no-claims (SF) class determines the contribution classification of a driver.

Similar to the no-claims discount in other countries, the SF class depends on previous damage and the driver’s number of accident-free years.

Generally, you start with SF 0 (0 accident free years) and then move up to SF 1 after 1 year of accident-free driving. You have a SF class for your liability insurance and a SF class for your fully comprehensive insurance. This may result in different SF classes as only the number of accident free years are counted when you had that particular insurance. For example, you might switch from a liability-only insurance to a liability plus fully comprehensive insurance after 3 years of driving accident free. You will then be categorized as SF 3 in your liability insurance (3 years of accident-free driving while you had liability insurance) and SF 0 in your fully comprehensive insurance (0 years of accident-free driving as you only just got the fully comprehensive insurance).

The SF class determines how much no-claims discount (Schadensfreiheitsrabatt) a driver receives on their insurance premium. The higher the no-claims (SF) class, the higher the discount you’ll receive.

Some insurers accept a foreign no-claims classification from your previous insurer. However, there is no guarantee or legal obligation to do so. You will need to contact the insurer directly to see if you qualify. More details on what you need here.

Check our page Schadenfreiheitsklassen for more details.

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