There are several factors that can help you get a more favorable tariff. 

No-claims discount

With the no-claims class (Schadenfreiheitsklasse/SF) you receive a no-claims discount (Schadenfreiheitsrabatt), which increases with every claim-free insurance year. 

The no-claims bonus is a reward for every full insurance year without a claim.

The SF class (Schadenfreiheitsklasse) is downgraded after a claim is settled. If this also reduces the no-claims bonus, your insurance premium may increase. Depending on the respective insurer, it is possible to agree a no claims discount protection.

A so-called bonus-malus is that it encourages you to drive more cautiously and avoid accidents (which, in turn, positively affects traffic safety statistics).

Discount protection (Rabattschutz)

The discount protection is a chargeable additional service in the motor insurance , which prevents the downgrading to a more unfavorable no-claims class (SF class). Insured persons can optionally add discount protection to their tariff. The prerequisite for this is at least SF class 4. Discount protection and the conditions to be met can vary from insurer to insurer, but usually one to three claims per calendar year are covered.

In the following calendar year, after a damage event, neither the no-claims class is downgraded nor upgraded. In the event of a change of insurance, discount protection against the reinsurer is not confirmed. The new insurer is classified taking all losses into account. The discount protection therefore binds to the previous insurance company. In addition, insurers charge significantly higher insurance premiums if discount protection is included. Therefore, drivers should carefully consider the financial advantages and disadvantages.

Discount saviour (Rabattretter)

With the discount saviour (Rabattretter), the insured can have one “free damage” settled per calendar year without loss of discount. The motor vehicle premium does not increase in the following year. Unlike the discount protection, the discount saviour comes with no premium surcharge. However, it only applies to contracts that have already reached a certain no-claims (SF) class.
In the event of a claim, a downgrading of the no-claims (SF) class takes place, which changes your no-claims discount. But because of having the discount saviour you do not get any adjustment on your insurance premium.

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