There are several factors that can help you get a more favorable tariff.

No-claims discount

With the no-claims class (Schadenfreiheitsklasse, short: SF) you receive a no-claims discount (Schadenfreiheitsrabatt), which increases with every claim-free insurance year.

The no-claims bonus is a reward for every full insurance year without a claim.

The SF class is downgraded after a claim is settled, resulting in an insurance premium increase. Depending on the respective insurer, it is possible to agree a no-claims discount protection.

No free choice of repair shop

Many insurers have partnered with repair shops to get favorable rates for car repairs. Cheaper tariffs give you no free choice of repair shop - in case of an accident you’ll have to accept the repair shop the insurer proposes. This may save you up to 20% of your premium.

Yearly payment

Paying your insurance premium on a yearly basis saves you up to 25% of your premium. Joonko currently only offers the yearly payment option.


Specific telematics tariffs which track your driving via smartphone or built-in sensors offer cheaper rates especially for younger drivers.

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